Canvass and Phonebank With UncommittedNJ

Don't have any experience? No problem!


Hop on a zoom and one of our experienced phonebankers can go through training with you in a breakout room. Once you're ready, you can get dialing!


Meet up with us and we can pair you up with one of our experienced canvassers! You'll walk around a neighborhood and let people know about uncommitted. Our favorite way to get our steps in.


Come to a rally! Meet the campaign organizers and show support for the movement!

Volunteer Onboarding

Particularly sign up for onboarding if you have any specific skills you can volunteer for the campaign but also if you just have any questions about getting involved.


Monday June 3rd 6:30 PM


June 3 6:30 PM
Montclair, New Jersey

Canvass for Election Day!

June 4th All Day
New Jersey


Monday June 4th
Starting at 1:00 PM
Virtual and in North Brunswick